by Bojan Vuksanovic Every year LED display advertising attracts more and more advertising money due to its ROI and technological breakthrough.  Marketing managers simply love it. It has acceptable CPV (cost per view). Impact is easy measurable. Exposure can be micro managed. Audience is hit instantly. Couple of Globe’s iconic spots such as NYC Time […]

by Pantelis Vladimirou 1. Social media is cheaper than most other marketing methods Many businesses thrive while using social media, all without spending much money at all. Only a few promotional techniques yield a higher return on investment (ROI). Most of the costs of using social media involve design and implementation. The most popular social […]

by Bojan Vuksanovic Cleankeys is relatively new company, with amazing product. Keyboard. But not just any keyboard. Imagine keyboard that can be sink into water. Keyboard without any dirt, dust or most important without any bacteria. Smart keyboard that recognizes when you typing and when you just put you hand to rest fingers. Keyboard with […]

by Goranka Radojcic Goranka is Internet Marketing specialist. She comes from Belgrade and has a great Blog dedicated to Internet Marketing. Thanks to the courtesy of Goranka we published one of hers latest article. Do you have a website or blog? If the answer is “yes”, have you optimized it for both search engines and […]

Direct mail. Sometimes all of us underestimate possibilities and power of direct mail. I’d say because its free and available to everybody. Here is good ‘sample of direct mail power: Online company CD Baby ( e-commerce, specialized in selling independent authors  music) decided to change mail that follows purchase. Instead of usual: “Thank you….blah…blah…” they […]