Dubai Market(ing) Game

by Bojan Vuksanovic

Belgrade-Dubai. Similar markets when we come to numbers (up to 3 million) of costumers, but far different in almost everything else. Financial power, consumer habits, lifestyle, culture…even climate tear apart these markets. But if this is something you prepared for when come to work as marketing manager in Dubai, surprise awaits when it comes to understand and execute marketing role. And I’m not talking just about adjusting, I am talking about changing basic perception of  job itself.

As a marketing manager in Middle East you are more involved in sales, and daily income. CPV (cost per view) and ROI (return of investment) become corner stone of your acting. If you think Fair’s stand would be useful, that’s nice, but only if you are able to organize Fair sales at the same time. Mall promotion (very popular in Middle East) o.k. but only if, while promoting, you sale more than you spent on promotion’s expenses. In addition to that managing sales pipelines is rather marketing duty then sales. In most of the cases forget about long term investment in marketing.

Because result’s been expected in a short notice and market is very dynamic and rich, you are forced to work more closely with brand’s global team and try to implement other markets experience (and tools) rather then develop the one for local market. Oh…yes and management wants more marketing jobs to be done ‘in house’, even the advertising production. There are plenty of job ads like: ’marketing executive wanted versatile in graphic or web design or…’. And this not come along only with local companies. The time when multinational companies and western way of business change market only in one direction has gone. Now it is vice verse process, local customs and local market and business game started to affect and change foreign companies behavior as well. The line between foreign and domestic companies is thinner every day.

But once you get use to Dubai market(ing) game you will love it. I know I do. It makes me better and tougher marketing manager. The best thing about this market is excitement and self driven experience, but for real. Can’t wait till get back…


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