Tools for Free SEO Analysis

by Goranka Radojcic

Goranka is Internet Marketing specialist. She comes from Belgrade and has a great Blog dedicated to Internet Marketing. Thanks to the courtesy of Goranka we published one of hers latest article.

Do you have a website or blog? If the answer is “yes”, have you optimized it for both search engines and Internet users? Luckily, it is very easy to find out with the help of free online tools for SEO analysis. You don’t have to hire an SEO expert to determine whether your website or blog follows the best SEO practices. There are free online tools that analyze any given web-page and assign it an SEO score based on various criteria.


Woorank offers an instant SEO audit. It is based on a website review of 70 factors ranging from keywords to usability, security and social tracking. All you need to do to get your free website review is to enter URL address and then click on the button „Website Review“.

In just a few moments, you’ll get a detailed website SEO report. The Woorank’s report is divided into 13 sections.

The first section is Top 5 Priorities for you website or five most important things to do to better optimize your site or blog. Here you also can see you SEO score. According to the website, the average score is 50. The higher the number, the better optimized your pages are.

This section is followed by reports about:

Visitors: traffic estimations, traffic rank (for example, my personal weblog is 1466th most visited website in Serbia), distinctive audience (gender, age, where they are connecting from – home, work, mobile), visitors location.

Social Monitoring: your site`s popularity on social platforms and the latest tweets.

Mobile: check out your site`s rendering on mobile devices and find out how well it is optimized for mobile visitors. The world has gone mobile, so it is of utmost importance to prepare your site for mobile browsing.

SEO Basics: WooRank looks for robots.txt file, XML site map and other important basic SEO elements. Having clean URL structure is one of the most significant SEO factors.  Clean URLs allow search engines to read your keywords in the URLs and users to easily remember them.

SEO Content: Meta title, description and keywords, the usage of headings and images, text to HTML ratio, usage of Flash and frames, presence of a blog, internal pages analysis. Make sure that your title contains between 10 and 70 characters and your description between 70 and 160. Aim to include the most important keywords in your titles and descriptions. Write unique titles and descriptions for every page.

SEO Links: the total number of links found on the website, including links to files, ratio between external and internal links, as well as noFollow and doFollow links.

SEO Keywords. Most used keywords on the site are shown in a keyword cloud. The tool also checks and reports about the keyword consistency.

SEO Authority. This section displays your site`s Google PageRank, the number of indexed pages, the domain`s first registration and expiration, as well as popular pages.

SEO Backlinks. Inbound links are the most important SEO factor which determines the rank of your site in the SERPs. The WooRank tracks down the number of links pointing to your site and whether the site has been listed in DMOZ. The Open Directory Project or DMOZ is one of the oldest, most authoritative and reputable web directories.

Usability. The tool reviews you URL and its length, usage of favicon, whether you utilize custom 404 page and conversion forms or not; it also looks for print-friendly CSS, examines page size, load time, declared and detected languages, searches for microformats and the Dublin core.

Security: server IP and location, safe browsing, similar domain and typo availability, Whois privacy record, email privacy, and more.

Technologies. The last part of the WooRank`s report showcases technologies used on the website, such as web server, JavaScript framework, web analytics solution, etc.  It is important to get to know technologies used on your website as some codes might slow down your website. Very useful are speed tips which can help you to speed up your website. Both users and search engines love websites that load fast.

Woorank allows you to generate one free report a week from the same IP address. But you can access any generated report whenever you want. Besides, each report gets its own URL, just like the review of global Google below:

One notable advantage of the tool is that you don’t need to input your email address in order to generate the free website review. Most free service providers usually require the user`s email address in return for providing the service.

Web Gnomes

Web Gnomes is a similar tool. It’s very simple to use. Enter your Web page’s URL and a valid email address. Then click the red button Analyze Your Page!

Your free SEO audit report will arrive in your inbox in a matter of minutes. The report will be attached as a PDF file which you can download and save on your computer just like any other document.

The free report covers 20 on-page SEO best practices, which are divided into 5 categories:

1. Accessibility. The tool investigates whether or not search engines and surfers are able to easily access your page’s content.

2. Content. Web Gnomes examines and evaluates the textual content on your page.

3. HTML markup (<head>). This section evaluates whether the page adheres to 5 <head> markup-related best SEO practices. Is your page’s title the appropriate length? Is it relevant to the page’s content? And so on.

4. HTML markup (<body>). This section analyzes whether your page uses or not H1 heading and alternative text for images, as well as their relevancy to the page’s content.

5. URL. The last section of the report tests you page’s URL address against three URL-related best practices.

Your SEO score is based on the number of best SEO practices that your page follows. For example, if your page follows 11 out of 20 best practices, you can see it in the introductory part of your free report.

And in the summary, you get to see your page’s score.

Both of these tools provide you with valuable insights and tips to help you to better optimize your web-pages. They are also great for peeking at your competitors. What are your competitors doing great in terms of SEO and what are their weaknesses? It is a really useful piece of information for website owners and those who are just starting an online business.


This article first appeared on the Serbian marketing blog, called Internet & Marketing. The blog deals with topics ranging from e-business to SEO and online marketing. The text is adapted and translated into English by the authoress of the source article, Goranka Radojčić.


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