Cleankeys strategy (Try it!)

by Bojan Vuksanovic

Cleankeys is relatively new company, with amazing product. Keyboard. But not just any keyboard. Imagine keyboard that can be sink into water. Keyboard without any dirt, dust or most important without any bacteria. Smart keyboard that recognizes when you typing and when you just put you hand to rest fingers. Keyboard with mouse pad. Remote keyboard. Keyboard with system adjustable to your type speed…That kind of keyboard..Well that’s Cleankeys Keyboard..Besides price (which in my opinion is main market issue for this product) everything else is ‘joyable to advertise.

But, due to its limited advertising budget, people from Cleankeys developed simple and beautiful marketing strategy. Let potential costumers Try It! And it worked, and still working. The point is when you got such a brilliant, but new, product not necessarily you need big promo budget, some good old technique will work as well.

So what Cleankeys did. They instructed dealers to identify potential market and costumers and encourage them to give the product to each one of them for a free trial period. They even produced demo product (just for trial) that is much cheaper then the one for sale, to make things easier for dealers.

Try it!


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