LED Display Advertising Tips

by Bojan Vuksanovic

Every year LED display advertising attracts more and more advertising money due to its ROI and technological breakthrough.  Marketing managers simply love it. It has acceptable CPV (cost per view). Impact is easy measurable. Exposure can be micro managed. Audience is hit instantly. Couple of Globe’s iconic spots such as NYC Time Square or Tokyo’s Shinjuku Station Square add some extra value to LED display advertising. Spending part of promo budget on LED display seems like a wise choice.


But promoting with LED display is not always as simple as it looks. Here are some tips to make things easier using LED display for advertising:

  • always look for the LED with Nichia diodes (you want the best possible black color and among many factors Nichia chips are the most important)
  • ask for visibility study (great way to find out about audience)
  • try to find out location traffic (one of the key issue, it helps determine CPV)
  • carefully study control software solutions (control software might give you new ideas about using the LED display)
  • set up camera near display location (usually, it is already part of LED display location, but if it is not, ask for it, it is very useful)
  • check maintenance contract (this is the best way to collect the information how malfunction might affect display plan)
  • make long term contract (there are many things in favor of long term contract, price and location branding to mention few)
  • check the number of potential clients (it is important to know how much different clients sharing the same display, after all, it has significant impact on price)
  • use all above mentioned as a leverage while price negotiating! 

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